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PERIDOT Piccolo is a programming board for rapid prototyping developed with the concept of simple & compact.
You can use various hardware I/O from the script language (mruby, JavaScript) by simply writing the script execution engine and firmware packaged with hardware configuration information from the development environment.

Processor : 32bit RISC (Intel NiosII /f, 100MHz)
Memory : 8M bytes (SDRAM OnBoard)
Storage : 4M bytes (SPI-Flash OnBoard)

PERIDOT Piccolo Board
Hedder PIN (Soldering is needed.)
Vanilla Bench board (Appendix. Only PCB.)

*About Development environment

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*Other information (Japanese)

PERIDOT Piccolo(ペリドット・ピッコロ)は、シンプル&コンパクトをコンセプトに開発されたラピッドプロトタイピング向けプログラミングボードです。